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Raise it. Don’t Raze It! 

Do you need more living space?  I have the perfect solution. Raise the roof!  It’s a unique alternative to the “tear down and rebuild method” and an investment worth making.

Why raise instead of raze?
There are many benefits to raising the roof. First, you can achieve the desired square footage and save 30-40% of the cost of new construction. Furthermore, the project will be completed in 30 – 40% less time than new construction. Lastly, you are preserving the local environment because you won’t need to haul the existing structure to a land fill.

Projects where raising works 
Existing homes that were built at an elevation lower than current requirements are great candidates for raising the roof. There are several options for bringing the home into code compliance including:

  1. Raise all or part of the home, fill the lot to the required elevation, and build a new first floor. If the lot allows, the new first floor can be larger than the original first floor.
  2. Raise all or part of the house high enough to build two new floors. The new first floor can be for allowable spaces such as garages or an entry.
For private homes, roofs can be raised to add more square footage, creating up to 100% new space. In addition, it’s a great opportunity for homeowners to expand living space on a tight lot. 
The roof of storage facilities, warehouses, and office buildings can be raised to add more tenant space or additional space for the storage of goods and machinery.

Who do I contact for further information?
Pat Feheley of Borelli Construction of Sarasota is a licensed general contractor with 33 years of experience. His specialty — raising the roof.  For further information or complimentary consultation, contact Pat Feheley at 607-621-6002 or by email at pfeheley@verizon.net.

Borelli Construction will pay a real estate commission to any agent who brings them a project leading to a signed contract.