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Walls are not the only place where you can add pattern and color to a room. Get creative & get gutsy! Paint your floors instead. Your old, worn hardwood planks provide the perfect opportunity to add color and pizzazz to any space.  Paint them solid or get artsy and add a playful design. This technique can be applied to stairs too. This DIY paint project is labor intensive but worth every minute. You will be in awe with the results.

How to:

1.  Sand your floors, and then clean well

2.  Apply a base of primer. Let dry 24 hours.

3.  Start at the back of the room and work your way to the door.

4.  Paint your floor with oil-based exterior paint.  Let dry 24 hours.

5.  If painting a bathroom floor, consider using marine paint (used on boats)

5.  Lightly sand and clean. Add another one or two coats, sanding between.

(How to & photo source: Natalie Myers / Houzz.com)

White, black, gray are all safe floor color options. But what about red? Paired with white walls, it’s an electrifying jolt of color and offers the opportunity to create a consistent color story, complemented by red accessories in each room.

This gingham plaid pattern is so inventive for a painted floor. As long as the the paint coats are kept thin, this pattern seems relatively easy to achieve.

(Photo source: Bockman & Forbes Design)

Continue your design on the stairs to create a unique space that will become the envy of your neighbors.