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There is something intriguing about a secret room. It’s something you hear about in fiction stories, but secret rooms have a history going as far back as the Egyptians. In the past they were used as escape routes, hide out places for evading capture, illegal drug smuggling, and more. In the modern times, secret rooms are a new and fascinating design feature.

A secret room can range from a niche for hiding a safe, to an underground wine cellar, to an entire room. Here’s a creative idea for a secret room –a remote control lifts the stairs revealing a study for the family’s teenage daughter. Fun, right? One very lucky teenager actually received this as a gift from her parents.

What a find it would be if you discovered a secret room within your home. Don’t think you have one? Well, that’s what one homeowner thought before she discovered a secret room almost one year after moving in. You might be wondering, why didn’t the previous owners disclose it?  If you tell others about the secret room, it’s no longer a secret room, right?

When constructing a secret room it is wise to consult a professional. Safety measures such as an exit strategy and proper ventilation need to be considered. If building your own, keep in mind that a true secret room means there is no evidence of the room from the outside –no joins or wires that might give it away. The cost of a secret room can range anywhere from the low thousands to over 50,000 depending on the complexity of the room. Although it might be difficult, if you are planning on constructing a secret room, make it your best kept secret.

Photo source: Pinterest.com
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Photo source:  Pinterest.com
Photo source:  Stumble Upon article by Kristie Bertucci
Photo source:  Stumble Upon article by Kristie Bertucci